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Hardwood & MDF Stairs

At Going Upstairs, we utilise a large range of timbers to create staircases to match your Melbourne property. We can work within your budget with options for budget materials like medium density fibreboard (MDF) or pine which can then be carpeted or painted, as well as a large variety of hardwoods and exotic timbers which can be polished to match your floors. You can also use them as a stand out feature on its own.

We can construct hardwood stairs from timber such as:

Victorian Ash (Tasmanian Oak)

A pale Heartwood that has a pinkish tinge. This timber polishes up beautifully with either a natural polish, or a dark brown/black polish.

Black Butt

A pale brown Heartwood that may sometimes display a slight pinkish tinge. Black butt usually has a lot of veins, grains and rings which add character to your staircase.

Spotted Gum

A darker heartwood that can be pale all the way through to dark brown or chocolate. The grain can be quite ‘wavy’ which produces an attractive finish.

European Oak

A pale yellow brown Heartwood which darkens with exposure.

American (US) Oak

Similar in colour and appearance to European oak. The heartwood is light to dark brown.


A orange brown Heartwood which weathers to a brown or dark red brown. Great for external and fire rated staircases.

Red Gum

The heartwood varies according to location and age, from pink to dark red.


Jarrah can vary in colour from pinkish to dark red depending on the age of the timber which darkens with time. The grain is usually straight but can at times be interlocking and the timber can contain gum veins or pockets.

Sydney blue gum

A large Hardwood from Australia’s east. The heartwood is dark pink to red and the sapwood pale yellow. The heartwood is fairly durable.


Large tough Hardwood from the coastal regions of Eastern Australia. The heartwood is either red (depicted) or grey. The Grey can vary between pale to chocolate brown and the red can vary grey to dark red.

The above timbers represent some of the more common timbers we use, which are suited to the hard wearing foot traffic that an average stair case gets.
These are not the only timbers available here at Going Upstairs. We also offer a selection of exotic timbers for your hardwood stairs. Speak to one of our friendly team members if you have a specific timber you need for your project in Melbourne, and we’ll do our best to match it, or source it for you.